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Effect of food additives on food safety What?

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  In recent years, “food event” after another, so that we have more or less knowledge of food additives: Sanlu melamine in milk powder, flour brightener, the rice mixed with paraffin …… these food safety hazards such we now think of “agents” shudder that the “agent” in itself is not so terrible, consumers may be the existence of errors in cognition. What is a food additive, and in the end it is how closely our lives. In this paper, these problems are analyzed.

  1. What is the meaning of food additives, food additives Yes. After I query the relevant information is displayed: Food additives are added to food in a natural or synthetic substances, which are designed to improve food quality, color, flavor, preservative and meet processing needs. Thus, one type of food rich in food additives and flavors to meet the different consumer demand, improve the quality of life, but excess or abuse will have a negative impact on people's lives.

  2, the relationship between food additives and food industry

  The vigorous development of modern food industry led to the development of food additives, at present, has been in our lives everywhere, and food additives used in foods in the food industry to make a significant contribution at the same time, accompanied by a number of food safety incidents on happened.

  1) Food Additives prolong food preservation. Food additive preservative to prevent the wanton spread due to microbial spoilage caused by greatly extending the shelf life of food. Antioxidants and can postpone the oxidative deterioration of food, so food stability and storability greatly improved;

  2) Food additives improve the color, flavor of food. Some foods during processing there will be color, taste changes, which require some additives to aid, such as: coloring agents, bleaching agents, perfumes, etc., so that one changes the flavor and texture of food, to satisfy the consumer more species diversity of needs.

  In short, the use of food additives to people's lives has brought great convenience, easy machining operations while improving the nutritional value of food.

  We see food additives has brought us convenience at the same time, some of the less than ideal edible synthetic factors such as: ammonium nitrite and nitrite was teratogenic carcinogenic role of these food additives endanger its existence we can not ignore.

  3, China's food additive industry problems

  Modern food industry in order to meet consumer demand for a variety of tastes of food additives can not be separated, but the “double-edged sword,” the nature of the food additive, so we need to clearly know that it satisfies our appetite, while its existence security issues have our body and mind cause greater harm.

  3.1 non-food additives are some companies use illegal

  Additives are generally non-food additives, industrial use, is the National Health Service banned the use of additives in the food industry, since such additives have been shown to harm the human body has a great role, but because of its low price or better a change in the performance of the food so it is illegal to use a number of enterprises, and has passed through the market, consumers are eating after poisoning or death. Since August 2010, Wyeth, Abbott, Dumex, Nestle and other foreign brands of milk powder was found to contain vanillin, ethyl vanillin and other prohibited additives. The Ministry of Health “food with spices, flavors using the principle of” the clear pure milk, plain yogurt and other 20 kinds of food as edible spices flavor ban plus range, but foreign brands collective violations so that consumers know what to do again.

  3.2 out of range, ultra-limited use of food additives

  National standard “food additives health standards” in the type and scope of various food additives used outside these ranges and variety is substandard products, a common example: sodium cyclamate, saccharin sodium, etc., or a dessert in Puffed Food often used to bring people's health at risk. Excessive use of food additives is also illegal, often see such as the use of preservatives, while extending the shelf life of food and reduce the costs, but this ultra-limited use of it is illegal. July 2010 According to media reports, the AQSIQ at Jiangsu risk monitoring found Jin Hao tea oil production company and a number of tea oil contains over six times the national standard of benzopyrene, some tea is more severe overweight Jin Hao and other companies have chosen the secret recall. After Jin Hao company published a letter of apology to admit 42t tea carcinogens exceeded, and announced compensation for the loss Jin Hao tea oil has been purchased by consumers.

  3.3 with shoddy additive

  If qualified and high quality food additive in a certain period of time has a positive significance to improve the food some of the features of the health of consumers will not pose a threat, but it is the poor or have a shelf life of food additives contained harmful substances such as mercury, lead, arsenic, etc., product quality and the health of consumers have a serious harm.

  Food quality issues in addition to the above, there is the food during processing operations are not standardized. Health conditions are not compliance, The reason for this is simply to reduce the production costs of enterprises using non-food grade food additives.

  Finally, there is a problem for the residual amount of food additives control problems, some of the material to use certain types of food production, though not add certain additives in the food production process was detected in the detection process, which It is due to the material contains additives into the food, resulting in food quality problems.

  4, to improve the status of China's food industry measures additives industry

  Whole food additives industry, although there are problems, but some of these problems can not be avoided but some of it is man-made.

  4.1 publish authoritative information on food safety, to play a leading role in the government

  In order to ensure food safety, food additive, it is necessary to strengthen the management measures additives, first the government should attach great importance to the management of food additives. Content on food hygiene and safety laws, management practices, norms and other regulations to achieve a unified standard, forced food production units to improve their management of food additives, so that the production, use, scientific and standardized management.

  4.2 parties to play its advantages in resources, the establishment of safe and nutritious food evaluation system in medical colleges for food hygiene, food and nutrition have research institutions focus on knowledge and light food and food processing equipment manufacturing and other aspects, the two should focus on communication if health professionals can Liaison food, food culture that professional talent will be more comprehensive.

  Since the promotion of food additives, many food safety incidents, so that the public's nerves have been stretched very tight, which is food production enterprises has a direct relationship, companies only have enough self-discipline, China's food additive industry before they can embark on a healthy track. “Food Safety Law” in 2009 started, and this is the first time from a legal point of view to be clearly defined on the supervision of food additives production processes: the responsibility of AQSIQ.

  2010, “food additive production supervision and management regulations” legislative hearings held in Beijing, “Regulation”, the proposed production of composite food additives companies shall submit supplementary food additives composite name administrative departments of health, the component, and component information content.

  5 Conclusion

  Throughout the food safety incidents in recent years, the source of the accident is not a food additive itself, but those unscrupulous traders doping fraud, illegal use of food additives used to do harm consumers' health. For illegal businesses or our merchant status disadvantaged only hope that relevant departments to strengthen market management, ensure food safety, to the consumer to create a safe, secure environment for consumers.

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