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How to control the quality of raw materials meat?

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  Since the “Food Safety Law” on June 1, 2009 implementation of food safety complaints continue to increase, with the upgrading of changing consumer attitudes and awareness of self-protection, food enterprises should upgrade basic skills, enhance staff quality, increase hardware investment, strengthen internal management, in order to prevent food safety hazards.

  In recent years, more and more food potential safety hazards, Sudan seasonings event has occurred, melamine milk powder incident, leather hydrolyzed protein milk drinks and other issues, these are food safety incidents and issues related to the quality of raw materials. Therefore, strict customs of raw materials into the plant, it is essential to ensure food safety.

  Meat production and sales of large, closely related to people's lives. For many years engaged in the meat quality management Jiangdao Jing engineers believe that to protect the quality of raw materials and meat products, suppliers should review, compliance certification to take effective measures to identify, arrival and acceptance and so on.

  Conducted Supplier Assessment

  When first introduced raw materials, technical personnel should be carried out several tests, each test sample sent to the laboratory testing of physical and chemical indicators can be detected through the project shall comply with corporate standards. Pilot qualified products must also be sent to authoritative testing organizations, after the indicators of qualified, before final adoption. Technicians also issued a small test raw materials, test report, after approval by the competent leadership, we can bulk purchases.

  Meat production enterprises should develop supplier evaluation criteria included market access to 28 categories of materials suppliers, with “production license examination rules”, “food production and processing enterprises prerequisites for on-site verification form” prepared checklist. Content evaluation criteria have included: supplier qualification (including suppliers system certification, health permits, business license, tax registration certificate, annual inspection report and other collection and management), timeliness of delivery, social responsibility, quality and capacity , measurement management, standardization management, system operation quality; enterprise organization outside experts, the supplier site review, evaluated using a points system, not with vague language to describe the conclusion is qualified and unqualified. To the extent permitted but not into the national supply-side companies certified food materials, according to “Food production and processing enterprise quality safety supervision and management of the implementation details (Trial)”, the demand side, food companies may not purchase, use. In the review process, must verify the quality of the supply-side factory file, outside the system in recent years, the trial failed items rectification, quality supervision department inspection records, product quality supervision, the production license verification failed rectification and other items. A qualified supplier of good quality files should be saved, and all the problems all the corrective and preventive measures taken, such as suppliers of reliable product quality.

  Proof of purchase when qualified management

  As meat production, suppliers can be divided into raw meat, materials, packaging materials categories. Raw meat documents include: System Certificate, health permits, animal epidemic prevention certificate, business license, tax registration certificate, inspection reports authorities raw pork must be detected clenbuterol, progesterone, sulfonamides, chloramphenicol, DDT to Keduo Ba ammonium, furan metabolite four other testing projects. Raw meat arrival of three certificates for each batch are: vehicle disinfection certificates, animal products quarantine certification, PFAs proof (pork, beef), chicken (avian influenza proof)。 Accessories documents include: System Certificate, health permits, business license, tax registration certificate, the authorities accessories inspection reports, the national industrial production license (plastic bags, film, plastic casings, corn starch, monosodium glutamate, flavor, spices , GB2760 food additives), manufacturers of enterprise standards, food additives for the record books. Packaging material documents include: System Certificate, business license, tax registration certificates, health permits, the national industrial production permit (plastic bags, film, plastic casings), bar code printing permit (trademark, BAG), logo printed system license (special permit printing industry), product standards (national, industry, enterprise)。

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