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Foods containing food additives shopping tips

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  1 learn some identification tips

  Quality supervision departments in the daily inspection found that the workshop will be a lot of black sulfur, formaldehyde, Formaldehyde, caustic soda and other non-food substances added to food, causing food safety incidents. Therefore, consumers should learn some identification skills. “Sulfur can sterilization, disinfection, bleaching and preservative.” Quality supervision officials said more hidden in sulfur fungus, melon seeds, bread and other food products, consumers can be carried out to identify by observing the color and odor resolution, “for example, white fungus, which itself there is no taste, you can take a little taste test when consumers buy, if the tongue to stimulate the feeling, it means that the food is smoked with sulfur. ”

  Formaldehyde is generally hidden in seafood, meat, soy and other foods. “Discriminating approach is formaldehyde soaked food body is relatively large, and the lighter color, in the process of eating can be clearly felt smooth entrance, chewing up especially crisp.” Tofu, rice, and other foods is the shark fin Formaldehyde the main hiding place, like tofu, yuba and other food itself contains natural colors, especially if you look white, there may be incorporated Formaldehyde. For fish, the purchase by the consumer to see, smell, pinch to identify, “new normal with some fish should smell of the sea, added Formaldehyde aquatic products will have a slight formalin Lin stimulate the taste. ”province of Traditional Chinese medicine Research Institute in Guolin Chang expressed the pharmacist.

  2 Do not choose a single fixed food

  “From a health perspective, do not eat a single food, eat more complex the better.” It should be noted that, to prevent the accumulation of harmful food additives, young people drink beverages, for example, some people may only like certain drinks almost every day to drink, which is harmful to the body. Some drinks in the production of sodium benzoate is added in line with national requirements, although there is no excessive use, there is absolutely no problem with people drinking, but over time in the body of residual sodium benzoate is likely excessive, cause harm to humans, but this hazard often hidden, not immediately apparent. In this case, consumers try not to choose a single fixed food, eat more complex the better.

  3 try to choose foods with less machining program

  As a result of the tension, the provincial capital public Xiao Wu often in the supermarket to buy some semi-finished products, such as frozen dumplings, tomato egg soup, instant noodles and other experts have said that such “convenience” foods detrimental to health. “Try cooking your own home, do not over-reliance on processed foods and fast foods.” Staff wins Taiyuan Bureau of Quality Supervision Qi Xin said, “so long, the body will increase the accumulation of various additives.” Therefore, try to eat processed food, should choose natural foods or foods with less machining program.

  If you go to the supermarket shopping, fresh area should be preferred; fresh vegetables only after cleaning and transport, can be completely free of additives; meat, too, compared to the addition of various preservatives, coloring agents, antioxidants and cooked meat I do not know for how many chemicals to be omitted; a variety of snacks are basically processed foods cumbersome procedures, try to eat.

  4 QS logo look

  . “When buying food at least to look for QS mark” Zhao Lijun said that consumers had better go to larger venues when choosing foods to observe more, do not blindly buy food in doubt; consumers have the right to require the seller to provide the first place tripartite notary compliance report issued by the food and factory inspection report issued by the manufacturer. And note that the factory inspection report is to grant check, consumers view the food to control the production date on the bag. “If the sales sites do not provide or not provide, consumers can report to the authorities.” “Buy something, take a look at the raw material described above.” Zhao Lijun recommendations, in particular to look at the ingredient statements, try to buy the chemical name less food, especially for children, within 2 years of the provisions of infant foods is prohibited to add any food additives other than nutrition fortifier. Therefore, do not arbitrarily give infants buy drinks, fruit products, candy, snacks and other foods, unless it is specially made baby food.

  5 carefully choose the color is too brilliant, too heavy taste food

  Many people buy food, often a fancy color, taste, does not know the color is too bright, too heavy taste, the aroma of the food is likely to be a significant amount of excessive use of food additives.

  Consumers should be minimal to eat food with a pigment. When buying foods containing bleach, consumers should look for food colors, white fungus, vermicelli, yuba and other foods look unusually bright and white, as would have been very pale yellowish tripe, it is best not to buy.

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